MentronTrack 2.1

MentronTrack enables users to conduct automatic measurement analysis and compare oral data before and after orthodontic treatments. 

How to compare models before and after orthodontic treatments and generate a report?


STEP 1: Import oral data

Import up to 10 groups of target oral data in MentronTrack.


STEP 2: Select comparing models

After modifying the teeth area, click the “compare models”, and choose the comparing models in the pop-up.


STEP 3: Align models

Manually align models by 3-point methods for maxilla and mandible individually.


STEP 4: Check results

Check comparison results, including movement analysis, ribbon and sections, indicating the changes before and after orthodontic treatments.


STEP 5: Generate a report

Click the “report” button to generate a report containing measurement analysis. Show or cancel specific content by clicking the buttons on the right side. A PDF file and QR code can be shared.

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