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This article applies to DS-EX Series, DS-MIX

This article summarizes the release note for each version of DentalScan, the Desktop Scanner software. 

For PC requirements, please refer to DentalScan_PC and Working Environment Requirements

Compatible With
Released dateDownload 1
Download 2
V3.0.4.7DS-EX/EX Pro/MIX
Jan., 2024Google DriveDropbox

1. Add the" Four Points Mode" in sealing the abutment.
2. Support importing single scan wax-up files into exocad.
3. Enable HD scanning for the antagonist jaw.
4. Allow customers to choose which surface (with or without wax-up) is involved in bite alignment in workflow settings.
5. Provide occlusion adjustment options.
6. Allow customers to place dies from both upper and lower jaws into a single multiple-die fixture if the total number of dies is less than eight
. Fix some bugs.

Latest version for each model

Compatible WithReleased dateDownload 1Download 2
V2.9.9.6DS-EX/EX Pro/MIX
July 26, 2021 Google DriveDropbox
DS100/200/300 (Dongle serial no. start with HC)April.21,2017Google Drive Dropbox
DS100/200/300 (Dongle serial no. start with DC)Dec.21,2016SHINING3D Server

DentalScan - Previous versions

V3.0.3.4July 5, 2023SHNING3D ServerDropbox


Navigation Mode 

      You can now enable a navigation mode under scan settings, which will offer you an experience similar to the V2xxx series navigated workflow.

V3.0.2.xMay 24, 2023SHNING3D ServerDropboxWebinar



1. Manual Add Scan in Occlusion Scan

An "Add Scan" option added to the Bite Scan step to get extra scan when necessary.

2. Create New Order During Scan Process 

You can create the next scanning order during the ongoing scan. 

3. Die Fixture Display During Scan Process

Keeping the die fixture diagram visible in the top-right corner during die scan process.

4.EXOCAD Button on send page

you can directly jump to EXOCAD after completing the scan.

Tools and Guides

5. Screen Record and Screenshot added 

The Screen Record and Screenshot features in the top-right corner allow you to effortlessly capture any issues encountered during scanning.

6. Beginner’s User Guide

A beginner's guide helps you quickly get started with the software. 

7. Shortcut Instruction

You can learn more about the available keyboard and mouse shortcuts.

      8. DIGISTELL

Allows data export compatibility with DIGISTELL software,

9. Baumann Articulator Transfer

A Baumann articulator transfer option has been added to the Articulator selection page.

10. Order Import

Supports direct import of scanning data from various SHINING3D desktop scanners, including AutoScan-DS-EX series,AutoScan-DS-EX series and AutoScan-DS-MIX, offering enhanced compatibility.

V3.0.1.5Dec 08, 2022SHNING3D ServerDropbox


1. Model modifying function. 

You can calculate undercut,descend the margin line and set path insertion improving model's accuracy. 

2. Firmware version information in the software settings. 

Connect your devices and you will find the information.

3. Rotate upper jaw 180° in the scan settings. 

By unselecting this option, the new dental software can compat orders only including upper jaw from EXOCAD.

4. Post and core scan workflow (only for AutoScan DS-EX MIX), including Model and Impression scan workflow, post and core scanbody workflow. 

The feature of post and core scan can optimize the workflow,promote production efficiency and improve the environment of dental technician.

5. The occlusion alignment will be adjusted automatically or mannually . 

You can align the occlusion flexiblely through automating or mannually.

6. With improved texture. 

Texture scan is more clear, facilitating the following design work with a better experience.

7. Intergrated DentalViewer

8. Add French,German and Turkish.

V3.0.0.9July 22, 2022SHNING3D ServerDropboxWebinar


1, New UI 

Neater and more user-friendly interface, easy for everyone to start a new order.  

2. Flexible workflow

You can set up your workflow based on your preferred habits. The customized process to increase work efficiency.

3, Data storage on the cloud

By uploading an order to the SHINING 3D cloud, you can assess to scan data at any time in any place. Functions like order tracking, statistical analysis, and online preview make your daily operation more organized and intuitive.

4. Export data in the preferred format selectively 

You can select and export the data you prefer. It will save your computer space to some degree.

5. Backstage data processing 

Scan and backstage data processing can be carried out simultaneously, making the whole process more efficient. 

6. Texture scan available for all workflows 

Texture scan is available for all workflows, facilitating the following design work with a better experience.  

7. Support more scan modes and scan functions

Multi-Path Scan, High Quality, AI Scan, Show Texture, Abutment Scan, HDR mode, Unsectioned Die, Reduced High Brightness, there are plenty of modes and other functions you can choose from based on your requirements. 

8. Import local data 

To simplify your workflow and save time, you can import existing data scanned earlier. 

9. Software online updates

Once this function is enabled, the software will automatically download the latest version and begin to update upon your approval. 


More features to explore

  • Calibration reminder
  • Optimal scan settings
  • More add scan functions
  • Wax-up inner scan

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