What materials does printer support? Can we use materials besides them?

We provide our own Shining3D material and other cooperative brands for different applications.

Dental Model
DM11 Non-separated Model
DM12 Separated Model
BEGO VarseoWax ModelKeyModel
Dental CastDC11BEGO VarseoWax CastKeyCastGR-12 cast
Ortho ModelOD01
KeyOrtho ModelGR-19 OA
Surgical Guide (I)SG01BEGO VarseoWax Surgical Guide
KeyGuideGR-10 guide
Try in/Tray (I)TR01BEGO VarseoWax
KeyTrayGR-11 tray
GR-21 Try-in
Temp (II)
Crown Plus
Temp (Permanent teeth)

GR-17 temporary
GR-17.1 temporary it
Denture (II) 

GR-14.1 denture


Yes, you can use materials other than them with the admin license, which you need to apply.

How to apply for the admin license?

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